The Group

Shaafique Chowdhury
2nd year ChBE graduate student
B.S. in Chemical Engineering,
Bangladesh University of Eng and Tech

Paola Marquez-Gomez
1st year CHEM graduate student
B.S. in Chemistry
Macalester College

Amisha Patel
2nd year BioE graduate student
B.S. in Chemical Engineering,
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Ray Westenberg
1st year BioE graduate student
B.S. in Biochemistry,
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

McKenna Downey
1st year BioINF graduate student

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University

Akshita Singh
1st year BioINF graduate student
B.T. in Biotechnology
Manipal Institute of Technology

Lily Gao
Undergraduate Researcher
Industrial Engineering

Garrett Helwig
Undergraduate Researcher

Haden Archer
Undergraduate Researcher

Gabrielle Stevens
Undergraduate Researcher

Former graduate students

Nick Kruyer, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 2021.
Now: Strain Engineer at Zymergen
Emily Yasi, Ph.D. Chemistry, 2020.
Now: Protein Engineer at JoynBio
Stephen Sarria, Ph.D. Chemistry, 2018.
Now: Research Scientist at Manus Biosciences
Amy Ehrenworth, Ph.D. Chemistry, 2017.
Now: Research Scientists at Air Force Research Laboratory

Vincent Peterson, M.S. Chemistry 2016.
Souryadeep Bhattacharyya, M.S. Chemical Engineering 2014

Former postdocs

Rebecca Howie, postdoctoral researcher, May 2018-May 2020.
Now: Microbiologist at CDC
Kuntal Mukherjee, postdoctoral researcher, November 2012-May 2016
Now:  at Qiagen

Former undergraduate student researchers

Lily Torp, BioSci Georgia Tech, 2018-2022
Now: Graduate student at University of Washington
Jennifer Newlon, CHEM University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Summer 2022
Jack Williams, CHEM Carleton College, Summer 2019
Now: Research  intern at University of Wisconsin, Madison and member of the Amador-Noguez Lab
Paola Marquez-Gomez CHEM, Macalester College, Summer 2019
Natalia Wauldron, ChBE Georgia Tech, Spring 2019
Now: FUEL emerging talent rotation program, Amgen
Adam Verga, MSE Georgia Tech, Fall 2016-Spring 2018
Amani Petersen,  ChBE Georgia Tech, 2017
Widianti Sugianto, ChBE Georgia Tech, Spring 2016-Spring 2017
Now: Graduate student at University of Washington and member of the Carothers Lab
Beth Qu, ChBE Georgia Tech, Fall 2016
Justin Dubbin, AE Georgia Tech, Fall 2016
Catherine Liu, CS Georgia Tech, Summer 2017
Robyn Park, CHEM Macalester College, Summer 2015
Morgan Rex, BME Georgia Tech, 2014-2015
Jonathan Striepen, BIO Georgia Tech, 2014,
Now: Graduate student at University of Colorado, Boulder and member of Voeltz Lab.
Jayce Taylor, CHEM Macalester College, Summer 2017
Now: Graduate student at University of California, Davisand member of the Atsumi Lab
Wen Liu, ChBE, Georgia Tech, Spring 2014
Mitchell Haines, CHEM Fairmont State University, Summer 2013
Crystal Wu, CHEM Michigan State University, Summer 2013