Peralta-Yahya Research Group

The Peralta-Yahya research group develops and applies principles from chemical and synthetic biology to address challenges in chemical bioproduction and chemical detection. Within the chemical bioproduction space, we specialize in programing metabolism to efficiently convert renewable feedstock into value-added chemicals. Within the chemical detection space, we leverage G protein-coupled receptors, in particular olfactory receptors, for  chemical detection and the development of biomedically important circuits.

We are part of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Georgia Tech. We also accepts students from the BioEngineering Program, the Bioinformatics Program, and the Paper Science & Engineering Program at Georgia Tech.

Latest News

Group News

May 2023

  • Ray’s review on CO2 re-routing is published. Congratulations!

March 2023

  • Congratulations to Lily for being accepted to the Rosetta REU program!

January 2023

  • Congratulations to McKenna and Amisha for passing their qualifying exams!
  • Welcome Garrett and Gabrielle as new undergraduate student researchers!

November 2022

  • Lily wins a GaTech President’s Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!
  • Amisha’s perspective on olfactory receptors is published. Congrats!

September 2022

  • McKenna joins the group as a Chemical Engineering graduate student. Welcome!
  • Ray joins the group as a BioEngineering graduate student. Welcome!

August 2022

  • Ari and Akshita join the group as a Bioinformatics graduate students. Welcome!
  • Haden joins the group as an undergraduate student researcher. Welcome!

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